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New York's Clean Energy Future

Terra-Gen is proposing a 298.2 megawatt (MW) wind energy project in Franklin County, NY. The location of the components is still under review but the current proposal would include the Towns of Burke and Chateauguay. The project will bring a number of benefits to the community including well-paying jobs during both construction and operation, improvements to local roads, and payments of approximately $1MM annually to the community shared between the county and applicable towns and school districts. Wind is also central to New York's clean energy future that will support clean air, water and a healthy climate.

Terra-Gen specializes in the development, construction, and operation of utility-scale wind electrical generation facilities.

Efficient Modern Turbines

Technological advances allow turbines to reach stronger, steadier winds.* The North Country project will use 35 to 40 modern turbines, each generating usable amounts of electricity of 4 MWs and up over 90 percent of the time. Today's wind farms provide the same grid reliability as conventional plants.*

Made In The USA & Affordable

The average price of U.S. wind power declined by 69 percent in the last seven years. Made-in-the-USA manufacturing contributes to wind’s affordability. Over 500 factories in 41 states in the U.S. supply chain help avoid shipping large, heavy turbine components over longer distances.*

Economic Development Driver

Wind power provides well-paying jobs for over 114,000 Americans. Turbine technician is the second fastest growing job in the United States, increasing 96 percent over the next decade.* The North Country project will employ 100 workers during construction and 12 plant operators once online.

All statements and statistics about wind energy technology and operations in the United States are from the American Wind Energy Association.

About the Project

Expected Local Economic Benefits

Community Benefits

Rural communities benefit from public road enhancements, increased tax revenues to fund local infrastructure and public services, schools and other community infrastructure.  The construction and operations and maintenance create direct and indirect benefits of additional jobs and increased demand for local goods and services within the community. Leases for wind energy provide a long-term stable source of income for the families that host the components of the project and provide for additional secondary economic benefit in the area.

The proposed 298.2MW North Country Wind Farm is to be located in the Towns of Burke and Chateauguay, in Franklin County, NY.  The project will have roughly 60 turbines and will also include transmission lines, access roads, underground cable and a project substation. The project will either connect directly to the 230kV Willis Substation or in close proximity.

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As the proposed North Country wind project advances, public documents will be posted to this section.


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